miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2013

Go shawty, it's your birthday

Let's just skip the fact that I haven't posted anything on this blog for literally ages and pretend it never happened, deal? Ok, great.

So, Sunday was my birthday. The big 21. I guess our Americanized culture has lead us to believe it actually represents something here in Europe as well. But it doesn't, as my dad thoroughly repeated throughout the day. "Not 18 anymore! Now you are just merely adding years to an otherwise meaningless number". Thanks Dad. 

As none of my close friends (except for one) were here to celebrate with me this 'not-so-big' event in my life, it all remained within the family. 'Coincidentally', my parents had organized a lunch with all their friends on that same date, at home. Fortunately, all the friends coming were family friends so I didn't mind at all.

I had a wonderful time, and to be completely honest... my Dad was right. Being 21 feels exactly the same as being 20. Same face, same height... and well, after the feast we had that day, probably some more kilos. But let's just forget about that and get to the pictures, shall we?

 Here we all are, enjoying some tasty cakes (Perhaps a little too tasty... Damn it.)

A cake, with a 'meaningless number' on top

My gorgeous friend who came, Natalia

This was the first birthday I got to celebrate with my family since I left for uni, and it felt good.

I just felt really loved, and for that I want to thank everyone who made it special (this is starting to look too much like an acceptance speech).

As for the outfit, I kept it really simple. White sweater from H&M, paired with some black skinny jeans from Primark and my trusted black suede pointy ankle boots from Zara (that's a mouthful!). 

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a full body picture of my outfit, so you will have to use these pictures and your imagination to picture the whole thing. Sorry!



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  1. me gustaa!!! y salís muuy guapas en la fotoo!!!!

  2. qué pena no haber estado alli :(
    pon más comeeeentssss

  3. Nuevo articulo!! Bien!!:) Muy guapa as always!;) (soy Clara jaja)